Direct purchase

With a subscription, you'll have both Pro Support for your XCP-ng host. There's 2 level of support:
  • Standard
  • Enterprise
If you want to know more about support level and services, please read our dedicated page.

For now, you can buy XCP-ng Pro Support for your own company directly, called the "Direct purchase"  (follow instruction in this article)

Direct purchase

This is the easiest purchase option: you can buy XCP-ng Pro Support with your registered account (see Create your account if you don't have one yet).

Choose your support level

You can choose the support level you want at

> Note: you need to be logged in to make a purchase.

Then you need to fill in your information and select "Buy for my own use" (direct purchase):

Billing information

You need to complete all the required information on this page in order to move forward.

> Note: if you are part of the Eurozone, you will need to provide a valid EU VAT number in order to proceed to payment. Transactions between companies inside the Eurozone are VAT free. Transactions outside the Eurozone are VAT free.

Select your payment mode

Credit Card, Wire transfer or Bank check are the three payment methods available on our store. Some methods can be unavailable regarding the purchase option you have selected during step one.

> Note: Wire transfer is not available for monthly and yearly subscription - Credit Card is not available for paid period.

All required information for wire transfer and Check payment will be available in the last step of the payment AND on your proforma invoice. ⚠️ Please, use an explicit reference for your wire transfer in order for us to easily identify your payment.