XCP-ng support definition

The XCP-ng virtualization platform comes with two different pro support editions designed to cover the needs of your production environment. 

Support definition

The notion of support must be separated into two categories: software support and customer support.
From a software support point of view, having support means: 
  • We provide security fixes
  • We provide bug fixes, mainly for major issues
  • We may backport some features as long as we can guarantee that it does not bring any risk of regression.
  • We provide driver updates for users with a pro support subscription (and then make them available on our public repositories)

From a customer support perspective, having support means: 
  • You can access our support platform to open support tickets
  • The ability to open a secure SSH tunnel allowing our teams to intervene and troubleshoot your infrastructure
  • 1 business day response time
  • 1 hour response time for critical issues (enterprise edition only)
  • initial setup assistance (enterprise edition only)
  • Linux driver integration on demand  (enterprise edition only)
  • Upgrade assistance  (enterprise edition only)

Access condition

> Warning: Please note that not all packages available in our repositories are supported. For the security of your infrastructure, XCP-ng core packages are updated on a regular basis, additional supported packages are updated best effort and external or unsupported packages are not maintained.

More information about additional packages is available on this page

Support platform

To open a support ticket, access this section of your personal account